Our Work

 We offer commissioned construction of a variety of railing types specializing in Motorist and Pedestrian bridges such as overpasses, sidewalks, stairs, retaining walls and more. We've got you covered with a high quality product proudly serving the west coast in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Montana. 

*Beko's is certified in D1.1, D1.2, and D1.5. 

About Bekos

Beko's Welding has been around since 1977 when Dick Beko first opened up shop in Canby, OR. Beko's is still family owned and operated by Rick Beko and Paul Madeira who continue to treat their team of hard working employees as a family. With a focus on excellent communication and quality work they've been able to continue growth into new markets.   Throughout the years they've established strong working relationships with the Galvanizers Company of Portland and Powder Tech Inc. creating consistency and reliability in their products. 

Beko's takes pride in offering a friendly experience and quality workmanship.  Everything from the first interaction to the final fit and finish of the product on site, they will always back their work ensuring they have satisfied clients.  

Some of the great companies we work with: 

Concrete Enterprises Inc.

Hamilton Construction

Mowat Construction Company

Oregon State Bridge Construction Inc.

Slayden Construction Group Inc.

Town & Country Fence

Wildish Standard Paving Company

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